BroadWorks Call Recording

Call Recording for BroadWorksFully integrated call recording and analytics in one single portal

iCall Suite Call Recording from Tollring has been designed for the BroadWorks platform to deliver actionable insight and business intelligence. Coupled with the analytics provided on the recorded calls, iCall Suite strengthens your product portfolio to provide your customers with a detailed understanding of their customers’ experience or ‘journey’

Users are added by an administrator and they can then log into iCall Suite and access the call recordings via a web browser. It is fully integrated with the Broadworks platform and no third party apps are required.

BroadWorks Accredited

Cisco Solution Partner with years of experience

Facilitates Compliance

Call recording compliance to meet industry regulations

Control and reduce costs

Built Your Way

Available as a cloud-based service or a white-labelled private instance

Comprehensive Call Recording Solutions for BroadWorks

Return Missed Calls

Quick response instantly impacts customer satisfaction levels. Listen to call recordings to hear how successful this approach can be.

Call Resolution

Calculate call resolution time and understand the effort required to resolve customer queries by tracking call history and listening to the calls.


Analyse Call Wait Time

Track how long a caller waits to be answered or called back, then assess the impact of wait time on call outcome by listening to the call recording.

Analyse Call Handling

Listen to call recordings to to improve techniques, train staff, identify top performers and resolve disputes.

Streamline Process

Analyse call volumes and trends to reveal customer service workflow issues and ensure procedures are correctly scripted.

Link Call Recordings to CRM

For a full understanding of who has called and what has been said by whom, link call recordings to CRM data.

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