Detect, Protect and Monitor

Protect Hosted Voice and SIP Trunks from Fraud

Real-Time Fraud and Credit Management

New technology from Tollring proactively identifies and kills fraud, uniquely combining fraud protection and credit management in one single solution, seamlessly integrating with leading Hosted UC and SIP trunking services.

iCS Protect, a module of iCall Suite, is a powerful self-learning fraud and credit management solution that detects incidents and protects from telecoms fraud on hosted voice and SIP trunking platforms. This scalable and easy to deploy carrier-grade solution is proven to offer comprehensive and intelligent real-time capability.

Machine-learning functionality, with the capability to auto-learn newly provisioned customer sites and services, and intelligent real-time analytics monitor behavioural patterns and call trends, implement rules, trigger alerts and automatically block calls to protect partners and end-customers from telecoms fraud and ‘bill shock’.  Credit management becomes the final gatekeeper in the process, constraining spend to manage exposure, and full audit reporting provides peace-of-mind.

The solution performs rigorous checks against a risk register of International Revenue Share numbers, fraud rules, trends, blacklisted destinations and credit limits – on every call made in real-time.  Incident notifications triggered on breach mitigate risk immediately.  When live calls are terminated, selective auto-barring enables businesses to quickly recover Business-As-Usual and site-level dial plans are updated to avoid recurrence.  Delivered with extensive database (that is constantly updated) of known fraudulent/blacklisted destinations, it self-learns to recognise anomalies, becoming more powerful and ‘up to date’ day-by-day.

Collaboration between customers, resellers and providers on individual thresholds, rules and limits encourages proactive communication and a culture of shared responsibility as we step closer to combatting telecoms fraud.

Download our white paper eBook on fraud: ‘Don’t Just Cap It; Kill It’:

Real-time dashboards

Detailed incident reporting

Inventory with breadcrumb navigation

Multi-tier configuration of rules and spend/credit limits

Notifications and alerts

Our Unique Approach …

Call activity, trends and changing call patterns are monitored. Every call passes through a rigorous process including checks against a risk register, fraud rules, historical trends, blacklisted destinations and credit limits. Notifications of fraud incidents are triggered as soon as a breach occurs, mitigating risk at the earliest opportunity.

iCS Protect can terminate a live call in progress and update the dial plan at site level to prevent further attempts.

Reseller access to iCS Protect credit management promotes collaboration with customers to set spend limits at site level, ‘white list’ customers to avoid auto-barring and change thresholds on fraud rules.

Comprehensive filterable audit reporting identifies changes across the applications; including fraud rules, rule assignment, inventory, credit limits, logins and permissions.

  • Easy to use, easy to deploy and fully scalable
  • Permissions-based dashboard-driven interface
  • Shipped with extensive database of known fraudulent and black-listed destinations
  • Fully integrated with FRS Labs PRISM IRSF database
  • Self-learns call patterns to recognise anomalies
  • Alerts on percentage deviations in call patterns and trends
  • Supports pre-defined or customised rules
  • Email notifications to multiple contacts at the time of the breach
  • Calculates and alerts on expensive calls in real-time
  • One click block/unblock feature
  • Comprehensive audit capability

Our StatsBased on analytics from all platforms using iCS Protect in 2018

Simplify Management
monitored endpoints
Gain Visibility of Expenditure
blocked fraud attacks in the past year
est. savings (£) in fraud damages in 2018

Deployment Options

iCS Protect can be delivered stand-alone or as an integrated module within iCall Suite, deployed as a service (SaaS) or in your datacentre

iCS Protect can be added as a module within iCall Suite, delivering one single powerful workforce productivity solution comprising of call analytics, wallboards, call recording and proactive fraud protection and credit management.

Cloud SaaS

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