Glossary of Terms

Incoming answered is a call that was inbound and answered by an agent and is the first call record for incoming calls we receive. All call information except for the duration will be shown as the duration is given in the INC record.

Incoming complete calls are calls that have been answered by an agent then completed. This record will show all the call information including the total duration and the final extension the call ended on.

Incoming transferred calls are calls that were picked up by an extension and then transferred to another extension.

Incoming unanswered calls are calls that were hanged up before being answered by an agent or answered by the auto attendant and then hanged up before being transferred to a group or extension.

Internal calls are calls that were made within the business from one extension to another.

Bounced calls are incoming calls that come to an extension but are not answered and therefore go to another extension until it is answered or opposite hang up. These records appear each time an incoming call is bounced to another extension. This function should be enabled on the phone system in order for it to appear in reports.

Outgoing calls are calls made out of the business to an external number.