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In-Depth Reporting, Live Analytics & Dashboards

iCall Suite integrates seamlessly with cloud and on-premise phone systems to deliver real-time analytics.  Businesses can monitor call metrics critical to their business by accessing real-time reports, ‘click and drill’ dashboards, wallboards and call recordings.

iCall Suite is proven to identify business efficiencies that deliver a return on your telecoms investment.  Make informed decisions on system, department and user call activity to deliver a more effective service to your customers.

iCall Suite business reporting solutions cover 3 key areas:

Powerful Insight

iCall Suite is a comprehensive, easy to use, fully integrated call analytics solution which helps businesses to enhance customer experience and drive customer satisfaction.  Make immediate decisions on call activity, improve customer service by monitoring unreturned missed calls, caller tolerance and grade of service and manage resources by understanding busy call times.

Retain Customers

Improve Customer Service

Increase Sales

Monitor Performance and Return Missed Calls

Meet SLAs

Continual Improvement of Call Handling

Reduce Costs

More Informed Decision-Making

Key Call Metrics At a Glance

The Business Insight dashboard and wallboard deliver intuitive call data visualisation for business productivity.  The at-a-glance console displays graphs and tabular data to monitor inbound and outbound calls.

Essential KPI Dashboard

Analyse Business Performance Data

Data Visualisation

Monitor DDI / Extension / User Metrics

Business Wallboard

Share Key Business Metrics On-Screen

In-Depth Call Analytics, Dashboards and Wallboards

Enhanced level real-time and historical reporting provides an extensive catalogue of pre-configured reports, custom reporting, graphical dashboards and visual wallboards.

Flexible Reporting

Extensive catalogue of configurable reports to identify trends in performance. Report on call activity by extension, department, DDI and user.

Incoming Call Analytics

Measure call volumes, targets, Grade of Service (GoS), Percentage Call Answered (PCA), caller tolerance (wait time) and unreturned missed calls.

Unreturned Missed Calls

Measure calls that have been missed but not yet returned. This report can be displayed as a wallboard tile.

Executive Summary

Executive reports collate key data from multiple reports to provide observations and recommended business actions.


Pre-defined or filtered data displayed on live tiles in tabular or graphical formats.


Visually display key call metrics on live tiles in a format to be shared on a screen or desktop.

Live Call Analytics, Dashboards and Wallboards

Monitor up-to-the-minute analytics to manage customer-facing teams, meet SLAs and commitment targets.

Live Call Reporting

Monitor hunt groups, call queues, incoming calls on users as well as critical metrics such as GoS, PCA and caller tolerance.

Essential Team Statistics

Team dashboards and wallboards to display call queue parameters on group wallboards in real-time.


Pre-configured and customisable wallboards to display real-time metrics. View live call and queue statistics for customer-facing teams.

Monitor Live Calls & Queues

View metrics on calls in progress, time in current status, average queue time, wait time and call duration.

Group View Wallboard

See the status of agents to understand staff availability at any given time.

Live Analytics on Users

Review live analytics by user, such as time logged in, number / duration of inbound / outbound calls and availability.

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iCall Suite is available to users of cloud calling platforms and PBX phone systems across the globe.
Discover our flexible subscription options and contact us to be put in touch with a local provider.

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