Monitor customer interactions with iCall Suite

Drive staff performance and maximise customer experience with call reporting and recording

Monitor Individual Performance

Empower individuals and agents with dashboards, reports and wallboards to enable them to take responsibility for their own call activity performance.

Clearly presented, meaningful user performance KPIs help to motivate individuals and agents, enabling them to monitor their performance in line with personal and departmental targets.

  • How many calls have you made?
  • How much time do you spend talking during the day?
  • How long does it take for you to answer a call?
  • How many calls have you missed and returned?
  • Which calls should be reviewed for clarity or tagged for follow up?

Managers can understand and support their individual team members, identify knowledge training gaps and champion high performers to help others to emulate that success. Maximise customer experience through employee engagement by identifying areas for improvement.

Improve Team Operations

Share group performance dashboards, team wallboards and trend reports to keep teams on target and focussed on success.

Managers can identify key areas for improvement; people, processes, training, call flows. Team performance can be compared within and between departments and understand what makes your team successful.

  • How are individuals spending their time?
  • Are they calling the right people?
  • Are they overloaded, or not busy enough?
  • Are there any ineffective hunt groups, auto attendants or queues?
  • Have individuals been monitored to improve their performance?

Best practice can be shared and teams compared using trend, call back and call journey analysis.

Drive Supervisor and Agent Productivity

Review live contact centre statistics to keep customer-facing teams focussed on customer experience.

Supervisors can review agent performance and resourcing in line with business KPIs. A dedicated workspace displays live calls and KPI summaries by contact group in line with targets. The ability to manage breaks, broadcast messages and chat to agents makes management simple. Supervisors can also predict agent requirements for resource optimisation to keep customer service levels high.

  • How many calls are left unanswered?
  • How many of those calls are returned?
  • What is the cost of an unreturned missed call?
  • Do you know your busy hours, at a per-team level?
  • Can the call journey be simplified to take less time and involve fewer people?

A dedicated agent console makes it easy for agents to manage calls, with the ability to identify VIP contacts, transfer, hold, callback, receive notifications on callbacks and schedule calls. Script presentation promotes consistency in call handling to maximise customer experience.

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Maximise Customer Experience

Meet Customer SLAs

Differentiate your business from your competition by exceeding customer expectations, meeting customer SLAs and maximising customer experience.

  • Are your customers content with the service they receive from your business?
  • Was the route to the call handler simple or convoluted?
  • How often are queries resolved on first contact?

Review and understand their customer journey to identify trends and avoid missed opportunities.

Drive Business Performance

Identify business trends, highlight issues and share findings with the right people in the business, at the right time to drive business performance.

Access historical trend reports to review key performance metrics over time, spot anomalies quickly, and understand underlying business challenges. Stay focused on the high-level metrics that matter for groups, departments and the business as a whole.

Consolidated business summaries and business performance dashboards make it easy to find and share the most important information for leaders across the business – not just those managing customer facing teams.

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Understand how marketing campaigns are performing

Account Management

Monitor and maintain customer service levels

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Monitor support and customer care calls


Drive efficiencies and never miss a call

Customer Experience

Drive customer satisfaction and nurture VIP customers

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