iCall Suite for Microsoft Teams

Enhancing The Microsoft Teams Phone System Experience

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Elevate Customer Understanding with iCall Suite for Microsoft Teams

Discover the next level of call analytics with iCall Suite for Microsoft Teams, revolutionising your communication. 

Introducing our tailored call analytics for Microsoft Teams Phone. Elevate customer satisfaction, understand calling patterns, and boost retention with intuitive dashboards to help visualise and measure call performance KPIs, such as grade of service, percentage calls answered, missed calls and caller tolerance in queues, to meet service levels, maximise revenues and gain business clarity. Contact us today to start your journey towards a deeper understanding of your customers.

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Seamless Integration and Unmatched Advantages for Your Business

iCall Suite for Teams has been designed to effortlessly blend with Microsoft 365’s active directory, ensuring a smooth shift towards better insights.

Designed to be user-friendly for both admins and users, the platform offers visualized service levels, customizable dashboards, and the potential to boost your earnings. The convenience of downloadable, shareable reports accessible from any web browser adds to its practicality. This Teams-specific version is a result of our strong partnership with Microsoft, highlighted by the successful launch of the Analytics 365 application in 2021. It’s a robust tool to enhance your business performance.

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reduce churn

Gain Competitive Advantage

Understand customer interactions to gain an edge

Gain Visibility of Expenditure

Visualise Business Productivity

Customised reports, visual wallboards and dashboards

Cutting Edge Workforce Productivity

Enhanced Service Staffing

Optimise staffing levels for improved customer service

Fully Integrated Modules

Empower Your Teams

Seamless integration with Microsoft 365's active directory

Increase Sales Opportunities

Tailored Service Views

Customisable dashboards for visualising and measuring service levels

Simplify Management

Collaborative Performance Reports

Downloadable and shareable reports for easy collaboration

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